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From the Principal

First two weeks of the spring term

It has now gone two weeks after the winter holiday and the spring term has started off extremely well. Speaking with teachers, the most common expression is that there seems to be an even more focused learning. I have been priviledged to read with the year 4 students this week at their English lessons. Today, I visit the 5b Swedish lesson which was filled with creative stories they are writing and some at at such an advanced level it is hard to believe. I also witnessed year 4 mathematics, where they were comparing different methods of solving a problem and I was even asked to show how I would solve the problem. In year 5 mathematics they were working in small groups speaking English about how different graphing styles are used for different situations. I also witnessed a year 9 gym lesson where they were doing circuit training and everyone was engaged and working really hard. I have been very impressed on how focused and engaged the students are and it is no wonder why our results are as they are. We truly are a school where teachers can teach and students can learn.

From the Principal

Fika from 8c

It is always nice when the classes make Fika for the teachers to raise money for their classes, but it is especially nice when they show how much they like their school! It tastes even better!

From the Principal

Happy New Year

IES Karlstad has had another very successful fall term ending the first half of our 10th year with a very special assembly for the students and staff. I wish everyone a very Happy 2019 and look forward to continued success in the second half of our 10th year. School resumes for students the 8th of January according to the normal schedule.

Year 5 wins NWT miniblad competition

5 of our 5d students won the NWT miniblads redaktion competition this week. The class was awarded 1500:- for the efforts. Congratulations to Hella, Otto, Frida, Macelina and Vilmer who wrote the article, 'Ska det var pinsamt att köpa kläder?'.

Lego Mindstorm in year 9

Our continued work with technology and creativity in the science labs. Building, programming and evaluating their robots.