Great success with Rynkeby Run


Our year 4 and 5 students ran the 'Rynkeby Run' this week. The idea is that kids run a number of laps and try to get sponsors to donate for every lap to the Children's Cancer Foundation. 1 lap 'varv' is 300 meters for our school yard. The students ran for 45 minutes.

A big thanks to Ms. Wennergrund who organized everything. All the students did great. 

Here are the results

4a 584 varv                       5a 700 varv

4b 527 varv                       5b 513 varv

4c 477 varv                       5c 510 varv

4d 632 varv                       5d 658 varv

Totalt : 2220 varv              Totalt: 2381 varv

Tillsammans sprang klasserna 4601 varv (1380 km) Fantastic job!