Spanish student visiting Internationella Engelska Skolan Karlstad

From the Principal

Dear reader.

Every year at this time of the term, we receive about 25-30 Spanish students to our school.  We have had a school and student exchange with a Spanish school from which we have students arriving to Karlstad and our students visiting them on another period. It´s a fascinating activity where language, cultur and different social activities are mixed into a great experience for all students. On Monday this week, the school served breakfast for everyone as an "opener" for the event. Photos were taken and the Principals´ "traditional welcoming speech" was held.
Not in English but in Spanish .....  with the great support from Google translate and the teachers´support of course. Absolutely not the best and correct pronounciation from someone who doesn´t speak Spanish but .... a bit fun and humoristic !

We are really looking forward to having our guests in Karlstad and we wish them a nice stay.

Thanks for reading my blogg - have a nice day !