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Buddies prefect program starts of the year

Our school has a prefect program where the older students teach the younger students different life skills such as being a good friend, how to use words properly and important study skills. The students who do this are elected by classmates to the responisibilty of 'buddy'. Every class has two buddies and these students who are elected have a responsibility to be an extra positive role model in the class.The year 6, 7, 8 and 9 buddies started the school year with their first prefect lessons last week.

From the Principal

Exchange trip to France

We have a yearly exchange trip with our students who study French and Spanish. Some of our year 9 French students are currently in France and are returning today. I have been included in an email to sent to the parents of these students by the language teachers attending. From the email it states, 'We had MANY (French Host) parents approach us and say how wonderful it was to host your children. They said words such as polite, positive, willing to try new things, and teaching them about Swedish culture.' It makes me so happy to hear that our students continue to be fantastic ambassadors with their interactions with the world outside of IES. Congratulations on a successful trip and see you at school soon! 

Skapande Skolan with year 8

Here is some of the projects from one of the year 8 classes with the work they are doing through Skapande Skolan and Alma Löv.

From the Principal

Teacher's sewing club

One of our sewing teachers has offered to help the faculty with simple sewing skills on their own time after school hours. What a great way to bond as a team and fix some things around the house. Thanks Ms. Silljer for offering this!