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From the Principal

The school terms first assembly

On Tuesday and Wednesday, October 4:th and 5:th IES Karlstad invited all students to the terms first Assembly in order to inform the students about different thing. It was à really good meeting and the students were focused as usual. Well done students and thank you for attending the Assembly. Kind Regards Mr Dahlin
From the Principal

Dagens Nyheters Nutidsorientering at IES Karlstad

On Tuesday the 4:th of October, IES Karlstad is participating in DN´s Nutidsorientering again.
This is really an interesting event where a lot os schools in Sweden are participating. IES Karlstad has been appointed the best school in Värmland for two years, both 2009 and 2010. In 2010 we also had the best class in Värmland.

Let us hope for good results even this year.

I wish all  students at IES Karlstad good luck on Tuesday !

Best wishes

Mr Dahlin   

From the Principal

Crazy Hair Day at IES Karlstad

On Friday, the 30:th of September, IES Karlstad arranged a Crazy Hair Day and more or less all students and members of staff came to school in the morning with different hair outfit. It was a fantastic day where our students and members of staff could show their creative spirit.

Thank you all for engaging yourselves in this event at IES Karlstad.

Kind regards

Mr. Dahlin 

From the Principal

The Students are Having a Great Time in our Dining Hall!

Today, Wednesday the 21st of September, I couldn´t keep myself from thanking the students while they were having their lunch. The manner in which they got their food, stood in line, sat with classmates, cleaned up after themselves and even thanking the staff for the food was simply stated, impressive. The Dining Hall Staff have created a really great atmosphere and the school lunch is not just a moment for food, but also a nice time to rest and spend time with classmates .

I am both proud and impressed of how a well a Dining Hall in a school can operate!


Study trips to Spain and France spring 2012

The planning of study trips to Spain and France during spring 2012 is under way, under guidence by the schools teachers, Ms Sjöström, Ms Gumaelius and Ms Ohlsson. It is the students of classes 8 and 9 who will go, and in connection with the trips, either before or after, the spanish and french students will visit us and the students at Engelska Skolan in Karlstad. The plan is that the visiting students will live with our students in their homes during their stay in Karlstad.
We look forward to sending our students, but also to recieving the visiting students from abroad. Our students entreprenurial mindset wil be tested in this, and that is a philosophy that we activly promote here at Engelska Skolan, and it is also emphasized in the new school curriculum.