Frequently Asked Questions

How does the admission process work?
We request that you fill in our application form, preferably online (the green button to the left). If you do not have access to a computer, please call the school. Once the application form is received, it will be dated and you will be assigned a place in line. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis with one exception. If you have a brother or sister already in our school, we are allowed to give you an advanced placement on the waiting list.

How can parents participate and help in the school?
The school has an active PTA, Parents and Teachers Association. The principal or assistant principal regularly attends PTA meetings to ensure transparency at all levels.
Our Open Door Policy for parents leads to mutual understanding and encourages parents to come to school and see how we work. We urge you to let us know in advance that you are coming so that we are sure you receive a visitor’s pass and that you are able to benefit the most from your visit.

How can I get in touch with my child’s mentor, subject teacher, principal?
We recommend email. Our office does not give out private phone numbers. Many teachers have phone hours and inform parents, at the beginning of term, on the best method of getting and staying in touch.

We have heard that there is discipline in your schools. What exactly does this mean?
We are committed to providing a safe, orderly school environment where students can learn and teachers can teach. Responsible behavior is essential in achieving this goal. We have a long-standing set of expectations for conduct. These expectations are based on the principles of civility, mutual respect, citizenship, character, tolerance, honesty and integrity. This code applies to all students and school personnel.

My child is an outstanding student. Are you able to provide academic challenges and support to those who are excellent students?
Yes, most definitely. Our experience clearly shows that students progress rapidly in an academically challenging and positive learning environment. Your child will be supported, encouraged and given every opportunity to stretch the limits of learning.

Do you take in students with special needs?
Yes, our school is open to everyone. We do expect our prospective parents to let us know if their child has required special assistance previously or needs help in any way. Concerns regarding learning abilities/ disabilities, health, or nutrition should be brought to our immediate attention. School relevant information is a prerequisite to mutual understanding and academic success.

How many students are there in a class?
There are 32 students per class and each class has two mentors in all classes. Grade 4 and 5 have 30 students per class.

Do all your teachers speak Swedish?
When teachers come from an English speaking country, they do not necessarily speak Swedish immediately upon arrival. It is school policy to provide Swedish teaching to our non-Swedish teachers already during their first year in Sweden.
Information to the parents is given in both English and Swedish. If parents at development talks have a mentor who does not speak Swedish and the parent prefers to speak Swedish, just contact the school in advance and we will make sure that a Swedish speaker is present at the meeting.

How well do your students manage the Swedish language and culture with English being the language of instruction half the time? We know that we are a school in Sweden where students are able to achieve fluency in both English and Swedish. Therefore, equal emphasis is placed on commanding both languages, English and Swedish. The results of the National Tests have consistently placed our students considerably above average in the Core Subjects of English, Math and Swedish.

Where do your students come from and Is it necessary for my child to speak English well already when starting at your school?
Our students come from many different places. Some are native English speakers but most are of Swedish origin and have attended the compulsory Swedish school system.
Knowing English well is not a prerequisite for starting in our schools. Most of our students have attended Swedish schools before coming to us and have acquired a basic foundation in English.

What are the rules on visitors to your schools?
We welcome and encourage visitors. Kindly make sure that you ask us at least 24hours in advance. All visitors must report to the main office, sign the visitors register and obtain a visitor’s pass, which must be displayed at all times. This pass must be returned to the main office and the visitor must sign out at the conclusion of the visit.

What if we decline an offer and then change our mind? Will my child be still eligible for admission? 
No, if you decline to accept the place offered, your place will go to another student. You will need to apply again. Your registration will be accepted as of the date of your new application.

Does it cost anything to attend your school? 
No, it does not cost anything to attend our schools. There are no tuition fees. Funding comes from the “skolpeng” or school subsidy, allocated to schools that are approved by “Skolverket” the Swedish National Agency for Education.