Life at IES Karlstad

Overview of Senior School


Junior and Senior school are housed in buildings designed and furnished for the respective age groups.


Our classrooms are set up to create an environment for our students to study in an excellent way.

Student Lounge
The student lounge is an area for our students to relax and be stimulated between the lessons and when the day is over. The students can read, play different games and hang out with friends. They can also check out sports equipment from our activity leaders such as basketballs, soccer balls, badminton, ping-pong and so on.

Junior Club
Junior Club is a safe and secure place for students in grade 4-6. Activities within the school premises are arranged by qualified and experienced staff. These may include quiet time for studies, reading and other activities.

It is open in the morning until school starts, and then again in the afternoon until 17.00.