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Dates for school year 2021-2022

Here are the calendar dates for next school year 2021-2022

Fall term: 18 August to 17/12 (Höstlov w44)

Spring term: 11 January to 14 June (Sportlov w9, Påsklov 14/4-22/4, Lovdagar 26/5-27/5 and 6/6) 

Have a wonderful summer!

We have now come to the end of our 12th year. It has been an interesting and challenging year in many ways. Nonetheless our fantastic faculty filled with committed teachers, student care personnel, administration and the leadership team have taken on these challenges and provide our student another successful year. I cannot be more proud of our accomplishments and our students have truly reached a high level of accomplishment. Everyone has worked hard and stayed focused and now it is time for a well deserved summer holiday!

Congratulations to all our year 9 graduates! We wish you the best for your futures!

Language olympics

IES Karlstad has been qualified to participate in the international language competition 2021 in French and Spanish where the school occupied the first and second place respectively in the overall ranking from the Göteborg Region. To more information and see the results click on the link

The region finals is on 28 April.

Good luck IES Karlstad!

World Teacher Day

The 5th of October is World Teacher Day recognized by UNESCO. We at IES Karlstad choose to acknowledge this day regarding the fantastic Loyalty and Commitment our staff have in engaging all of our students both past and present in a terrific education at our school.

Teachers truly have an amazing profession to shape and guide individuals to be to the best possible they can be. Their dedication is deserving of recognition.

'Thank you teachers at IES Karlstad!'