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Dates for school year 2021-2022

Here are the calendar dates for next school year 2021-2022

Fall term: 18 August to 17/12 (Höstlov w44)

Spring term: 11 January to 14 June (Sportlov w9, Påsklov 14/4-22/4, Lovdagar 26/5-27/5 and 6/6) 

Digital Open House 2020

Hello and welcome to our digital open house for 2020. We want to encourage everyone to have a chance to see what is going on in our school and listen to a brief explanation of what our philosophy and what we are doing that makes us so great.

You can see the video directly here

For a better sound quality you can see the video on our Facebook page.

Vår framgång bygger på tre grundläggande principer:
• Vi strävar ständigt efter högakademisk excellens
• Det förväntas en lugn och respektfull inlärningsmiljö
• Elever ska behärska både det svenska och det engelska språket

Om ni inte står i vår kö men önskar göra det, gå in på vår hemsida:

You are welcome to send questions to our information email:

School year dates

Fall term 2020

Students start 19/8, Fall break week 44, Fall term ends after lunch on the 17/12

Spring term 2021

Students start 12/1, Sportlov w. 9, Easter Break 1/4-11/4, Kristihimmelsfärd 13/5 & 14/5, Graduation 15/6

Happy New Year

Welcome back to school everyone! There is important information on Schoolsoft regarding how school will be held during week 2 and week 3. You can always contact your mentor with questions.

I wish everyone a very happy and safe 2021!

Mr. Brian Tucek


World Teacher Day

The 5th of October is World Teacher Day recognized by UNESCO. We at IES Karlstad choose to acknowledge this day regarding the fantastic Loyalty and Commitment our staff have in engaging all of our students both past and present in a terrific education at our school.

Teachers truly have an amazing profession to shape and guide individuals to be to the best possible they can be. Their dedication is deserving of recognition.

'Thank you teachers at IES Karlstad!'