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Great success with Rynkeby Run

Our year 4 and 5 students ran the 'Rynkeby Run' this week. The idea is that kids run a number of laps and try to get sponsors to donate for every lap to the Children's Cancer Foundation. 1 lap 'varv' is 300 meters for our school yard. The students ran for 45 minutes.

A big thanks to Ms. Wennergrund who organized everything. All the students did great. 

Here are the results

4a 584 varv                       5a 700 varv

4b 527 varv                       5b 513 varv

4c 477 varv                       5c 510 varv

4d 632 varv                       5d 658 varv

Totalt : 2220 varv              Totalt: 2381 varv

Tillsammans sprang klasserna 4601 varv (1380 km) Fantastic job!

Open mic at IES Karlstad

Open mic at IES Karlstad

Our students had open mic during the lunch hours today. We have a lot of brave and talented students at the school. Well done!

Information regarding corona virus

We want to ensure you that we are taking all necessary precautions at the school as instructed by the National Health agency.  We are regularly receiving input from both our head office and the municipality as another school in the community.

The infection protection unit at Region Värmland has decided to carry out contact tracing after one of our employees tested positive for the Coronavirus last week. This has been carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and relevant guardians have already been contacted by the authority in a logical order. Internationella Engelska Skolan has a close dialogue with the authorities and is following their recommendations regarding our operations and how we communicate. Contact tracing is routinely carried out to limit the possible spread of infection and is part of the preventive work.

No new confirmations have come since the initial investigation.Some staff and students have been asked to stay home for some time as an extra precaution. Others have been told that they may return to school according to health agency. As individuals are deemed healthy by Smittskydd, they will be sent backt to school.

As our main focus is the health of our students and staff we follow the recommendations of local and national authorities. The infection protection unit has decided that our school can remain open and we will continue all our normal lessons and activities. We are well aware of the fact the concerns everyone has during this very trying time for not only our school but throughout the world. Our school, just like everyone is doing everything possible to maintain a sense of calmness and normalcy while at the same time taking all necessary precautions.

Regional final for the 'language olympics'

IES Karlstad was represented well at the Regional finals of the Språkolympiaden in Göteborg. Students competed in Spanish, French, English and Swedish. They all did a fantastic job. Hanna and Oscar won the Spanish competition and have earned the opportunity to compete in the National Finals in Malmo in the upcoming weeks. Congratulations to all of you!

8E makes it into the regional finals for Teknikåttan!

The results have now come and our 8E class is welcome to the regional competition at Karlstad University with a 'full pot' score of 15 for Teknikåttan. There were only 2 other schools who achieved this. We look forward to a tough competition with the focus on 'soppsortering'! Congratulations!