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Faculty pictures

We have been taking faculty pictures today and have had a lot of fun doing it. We are really looking forward to meeting the students again on the first day of school. A lot has been done in preparation and we are proud over starting our 11th year. You can see a few of the pictures and videos on our Facebook page. @ieskarlstad


Top 10% correction

Top 10% correction

We want to correct an error which was made from the 2018-2019 graduation ceremony. Stina Sjöström was also in the top 10% of the graduating students and should have been recognized at the ceremony. This was a mistake on our part and we want to give Stina the accolades she deserves for her outstanding efforts in school. Congratulations! 

Från rektorn

Summer greetings

Hello everyone!  I have now been back at school the last two weeks beginning the preparations for our 11th start at IES Karlstad. It has been quite lonely in the building since everyone else is on holiday. During this time, I have had a contact with different teachers, people working with the building and even some former students who came to visit the campus and say hello. Everyone who I have been speaking with has been very excited for the school start even though it is still a few more weeks until the first day on the 21st of August. I wanted to send out a quick summer greeting, and I wish everyone a continued nice time filled with sun, swimming and good times. Mr. Tucek

Senior School Graduation 10 year anniversary

Senior School Graduation 10 year anniversary

Congratulations to all of our year 9 students who have now graduated from our walls! You have done a fantastic job and we wish you luck for the future. We had 5 graduating classes and here is a picture of one of them. We wish you all the best!