Student Work

Sewing work in Year 9

Theme:  Social Justice


Theme: Recycling

A cross body bag, made of an old skirt

A pencil holder, made of scrap fabrics

A bohemian shirt made from a dress

Sewing work in Year 7

"Tote bags help the environment because instead of using plastic bags we can use tote bags and reuse them over and over again. Tote bags are also very easily made and you don’t need a lot of materials to make one. It is also better because plastic takes a long time for the environment to break down. Fabric is mostly made by things in nature.” Saskia W. 7C

“I think it is good for the environment to use tote bags because they are very easy to reuse. For many things, we use plastic bags, then we throw them away. This is not at all an eco-friendly thing, so tote bags are a good substitution.” Sofia C. 7C