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From the Principal

Lunch with a year 7 class

I had the privilige to eat with a year 7 class today and observed how far they have come with their language. Although they were purposefully making themselves sound grammatically incorrect with their English language while they were joking with each other, it was quite impossible for them to do so since the majority of their language was perfect. The fact that they knew exactly what they needed to say to sound incorrect was evidence that they were already mastering the language. It was quite interesting to observe and we had a nice discussion about it while the joking with each other was going on. Beyond that, it was magnificent to see the bonding within the class and that there was a very obvious trust amongst them.

From the Principal

Lessons today

We are now into the final 7 weeks of the term before the winter holiday and it was absolutely wonderful to see the engagement in the learning when I was out visiting lessons today. I was at a year 7 Swedish lesson where they were intesely reading and reflecting on the book Fripassageraren by Christina Wahldén. I also visited a year 9 Sewing lesson where they were analyzing the different projects which they had created. At the year 7 math lessons, there was a lot of practice with fractions. It was terrific to see the students all working at different levels within the same classroom. Year 4 English were working with their workbooks and it was impressive how far they have come with their language skills. The same with year 5 and NO where they have been learning about the immune system and they are very much discussing about how the body works to protect itself. I can absolutely say that the working environment was calm, focused and engaged! Well done everyone!

From the Principal

Information evening 25/10

What a fantastic turnout of parents and possible future students for the information evening! I believe there were close to 200 people filling dining hall. I was very proud of the staff and students who represented the school and there were many who came forward afterwards impressed with the evening. Our fantastic buddies representatives and the students who performed with the music teachers, Mr. Ekeberg and Ms. Persson, were absolutely fantastic. As Mr. Ekeberg said very wisely, it is because of our calm and focused learning environment that we can be so creative and be able to perform as we do in the different subjects.

From the Principal

Short talk with a student

I had a short talk with a student today regarding the rules we have in school (and society for that matter). It was with a very wise year 8 student who had been reflecting on their own about the importance of having rules in society and how those rules get decided. The student began by stating that rules need to be in place for the best of the whole and cannot be focused on a single group or individual. We discussed about our school rules regarding phones, clothing and other areas and that the rules are there to make sure everyone feels safe. The student also said that it is never easy to implement the rules since there are always some who feel differently, but that rules are there in the best interest of everyone and that everyone should follow them and that is the reason so many choose IES Karlstad. I could not say it better myself.

From the Principal

On the bus on the way to school

I sat with a student in 6e on the #59 today and we talked about how the first two months have been. The student has just started at the school in the new class and they were very happy that they have started at IES Karlstad. It was terrific to see how strong the English skills had become in just a couple of months time and they were very happy to talk with me in English the entire bus ride. We talked about friends, teachers, homework and English language and they were very satisfied with it all.

From the Principal

Regional conference 13/10

While the students had their study day on Friday the 13th, IES Karlstad staff visited our sister school in Eskilstuna for our annual regional conference. It was a wonderful day filled with exchanging experiences and best practices so that we can continue to reach our students in diffrerent ways. It was a very good day.

From the Principal

1st week in the new position

Dearest Readers

I am even more impressed with the fantastic opportunities which are happening at our school since coming into the new role as principal. Our dedicated teachers are so engaged with different activites to stimulate the learning environment, it is really hard to believe. I want to highlight the fact that our language department has a wonderful exchange program and that some of our year 9 French students have just returned from France after a week of terrific experiences.