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Vi i Femman quarter finals

It was a fantastic journey and effort by Viktor and Lisola in 5b together with the support from their class on Thursday the 8th of February against the other 24 schools in the country for Vi i Femman. Unfortunately, they did not qualify to the next round, but we consider it a strong victory for representing IES Karlstad. Well done to you both!

Winter fun

Our students are always outside on their free time doing different activities. The gym teachers invested in outdoor equipment which the students use all year long. Fantastic!

3PAC in the snow

We have a common language at our school called 3PAC where we encourage the students to be Positive, Punctual, Prepared, Active and Cooperative. With today's snowfall, I can honestly say that our junior students are all of the above with creating these fantastic snow formations.

Congratulations 5B win in 'Vi i femman'

On the last day of the term a representative came from 'Vi i femman' to announce who will represent the school in the next round of the competition. They also came to give some tips on how to prepare. Congratulations 5B and good luck!

Taking a break in the school activity room

It is always nice to go and see what is happening in the school activity room. During this time of year of course it is visited much more frequently. The students are always engaged in conversation or different types of games. It is wonderful to see them enjoying each others company so much.

Master Chef Challenge

Year 9 had a task, "Master Chef Challenge",  to choose their own recipe and work in threes. They had to agree on a dish that suited the group and  that they could manage to cook within 60 minutes. It was also a plus if they could include the majority of people in regard of food allergies, vegetarians and other concerns. Here is one of the dishes served. Delicious!

Aktion Julklappen

What a fantastic turnout with 528 packages which will be sent to needy children in Europe through this year's Aktion Julklappen! This was a record year for our school with the number of packages delivered. It is so nice to see so many caring individuals at our school who not only take care of one  another, but also think about the world around us. Well done IES!

Coding in Science

I visited anotherr science lesson today where they were working with coding. I am very glad to see that our science department is ahead of plan with respect to this area within technology. The students were very focused with their codes during the lesson.

Year 8 crafts project

I visited a year 8 lesson today in crafts where they are 'recycling' material to make projects to have at home. Absolutely marvelous!